Expecting the worst….

Have you ever been reading along in the Bible and came along a verse that changes everything?  One that suddenly jumps out and lets you see that you have had all the dials set wrong, the controls are in need of an adjustment… 1 Peter 1 Since Jesus went through … Read More

Looking Deeper

Deep colored curls pile high up on top of his head, his round eyes are big and dark brown. He is wearing a shirt that looks like one day it used to be white, instead now its covered in dirt and has holes all across it. He is small, seven … Read More


We spent the afternoon with Jerry and Christy at their recently opened day-care project and fell in love with the beautiful children they care for.  Before we went we spent some time on their website and looked through the families they have that need sponsoring and let our kids pick … Read More

The back side of the painting (or, Life: The rough draft)

“In times of great change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists” Eric Hoffer  I have long been a fan of putting it all out there, a believer that each of us is better of if we are open and … Read More

Where do you find peace?

Its early, the sun is just waking up, to be honest though, I am normally not awake at this hour so I guess its more accurate to say it feels early.  Either way, I am the only one up in the house and its quiet, peaceful, an eerie kind of … Read More

The weight of my discontent

So here I was, practically fast walking my way down the sidewalk, the scorching Ethiopian sun beating down on my head, grumbling inside about how my feet hurt and how I was having to walk yet again the two miles from our house to drop off some documents for our … Read More

Grocery store find of the day

I am not really sure what to say about this one…..  Don’t you wish you had some of this stuff to do your laundry with? Levi


I love this picture.  We were sitting in a living room of a couple who run an orphanage in their home that we are talking with and the woman’s father came in and sat down next to Luella.    She leaned over and shook his hand and kept enjoying the … Read More

Easter fun with good friends

Today we are so thankful for good friends, even in a place so far from home, we feel at home because of our wonderful friends.   You can hop over to our flickr page on the right side there to see the pictures…. Sorry, the internet is just to slow … Read More