Getting the edge pieces put together

To be totally honest with you, these past few months have been a tough transition for us as a family, first there was the pain of no longer being able to be with the kids in the Drawn From Water orphanage, and the emotions that naturally come along with having … Read More

All Play

Have you ever played that board game Cranium?  Anyhow, there is this card that you can pull in the game called All Play, and it means that everyone has to participate in the game, so what happens is everyone has to act something out, or draw a picture… This post … Read More

Through our weaknesses

This morning I happened to pick up an old ‘Our Daily Bread’ booklet today and noticed the bold print across the bottom, the words there got me thinking. Its not through our strengths that God uses us but instead through our weaknesses. I must have heard this about God a … Read More

To open your heart and…. Love

During the past two years Steve and Stephanie Gregor have been our anchor back here in the states, they have lovingly prayed with us during the trials and have tirelessly told the story of the orphans we were helping to as many as would listen, in hopes that more people … Read More

Kes Beh Kes

There is an Amharic saying that we learned while living in Ethiopia;  Kes Beh Kes, which translates in English to “bit by bit”.  Its part of a longer saying that we never quite could master in Amharic which means “bit by bit the egg learns to walk”.  An often appropriate … Read More

Messy, yet Beautiful

I am just going to come out there and say it first, and explain more later.   Orphan work is painfully messy and complicated.   I know that you and I are human and what we want is to come and read a blog or book about how the program … Read More

Measured by the ton

This picture is deceiving, you might think that her hair is clean…. But in reality this girl brought home half of all the sand off of the entire coast of California.  I can guarantee that in a few weeks we will still be finding sand in there.

To build an ark

Jessie was reading the last of the 5th grade Bible workbook to the kids a few days ago and she said something that I have not been able to get out of my head since I heard it… What she said was;  “It took noah over 127 years to build … Read More

Time to Exhale

It did not take us long before we got back to the states for us head to the only place that seems to calm the depths of our souls….  Its like something inside you triggers a release when you sit down to dig your toes into the sand and watch … Read More

Proper care and feeding of a missionary

Before I say anything else let me say that I am writing this not from the perspective of a missionary family in need of proper care and feeding, I am putting this down because of the amazing people in our life who have stepped up in the past few weeks … Read More