The dark side of living as a missionary

Ah man, this feels good.   To sit here and write this.. YES!  I felt like this would never happen. If you have been reading you will know that our family lived in Ethiopia for 6 years, during that time we worked together with Thomas and all of the wonderful staff at Bring Love In to create the orphan care … Read More

The power of love in a hurting world

I sat down here to write something long, to pour my heart out in this big post about the big-ness of God.    I have been feeling the tightness of his grip around my life this past week, the beauty of his hold in me and I thought I could write for you about how it feels.   Yet, as I sit … Read More

When everyday normal is worth celebrating

Well, things are just chugging along and seem to be working like they should. It is easier to write about a new start up, or if there is a dramatic thing happening, or some kind of crisis. So, it can be hard to know what to write in this space but at the same time good things are happening everyday … Read More


I just had one of those moments today where I realized… Oh shoot, it has been forever since we wrote on the blog!    So sorry, life seems to keep going and we forget to sit down and write to catch up with you all. First off I just want to say thank you for all of you out there … Read More

Did you adopt a child from Ethiopia?

This here, this post that I am about to write, this is one of my favorite things I get to do as a husband.  I get to brag on my wife. This girl the one that I married 15 years ago, the one who is beautiful and smart and gets me like no one else does.  That girl.   (The … Read More

Help put clothes on some kids who need them

Hey all,   I hope you are well.   We’ve been busy around here, our kids are now in school which is a big change from the homeschooling life we had for so long in Ethiopia, but its good.   Thankful for all that our kids to be involved in.   Anyhow, I am actually writing not about our family … Read More

A day of fun!

With school starting this week we wanted to give our kids a break and a chance to relax and have some fun. Instead of going on and on about how neat this was for the kids to get to enjoy their day at the lake, let me just share some pictures instead.


Ok, so do you remember when a few weeks ago we wrote on here how we were on our knees asking God for a miracle?   A little while later a friend of ours named Brian wrote and reminded us of the story of George Mueller, if you have not heard this story before you really should click the link there … Read More

Praying for Bring Love In

One of the most important parts of our walk with God, yet one of the things I forget to do the most is to stop and pray.  To reach out to God and just lay at his feet the things that should be his and not ours to solve and worry about. We wanted to spend a moment this morning … Read More