In a little less than two weeks me and our two youngest girls are heading back to Ethiopia to spend some time catching up with all that we have going on over there.   4 AM phone calls will only get you so far, sometimes you just need to sit down with everyone and look into their eyes and connect.   … Read More

Ripping my heart apart

Wow, it has been too long here.   With our family getting moved into our new (and still un-finished remodeled) house this month, I have not found much time to sit down here and write.  I promise, more to come in the way of updates.    I will sum it all up with this for now;  Things are going well in … Read More

It IS changing!

Let me open with this statistic, and then you need to promise me that as soon as you read it you will stop before you read on and in your head decide what you think the #1 reason behind this change is.   Ok, got it?   Read this then stop.    Really, stop.   26% of children born in … Read More

A plane full of shoes!

This is sad, like super sad…   And I am writing today because together you and I, we are going to do something about it!     Let me explain more… See this picture here? While in Ethiopia last week I popped my head into the “store” where we keep all off the clothes and shoes for our 57 kids … Read More

1 prayer answered – 8 more to go

One of the things we have been praying for over the past 4 years is for the funds to be able to purchase the homes that our families live in. Let me back up a bit here first though… Ok, so Bring Love In is this ministry in Ethiopia, we have 57 kids who we have taken from the government … Read More

The trouble with loving people on both sides of the world is…

I am at an airport again, seems like I live in Airports these days…   You know how people talk about adventure and how its neat to see the world?…  Well those people are not parents.  While I am very excited to go back to Ethiopia again, get to catch up with everyone there and connect on the strategy and … Read More

End of the year needs

As 2015 draws its final breaths we can’t help but take a moment and look back at the wonderful things that God has done at Bring Love In.   We’ve watched as many of our kids grow into young adults, helped them through the pains of growing up, and watched incredible feats of will as all of our kids dove in … Read More

If you give an orphan a family

Jessie got me thinking today about this idea and I’m having fun thinking about it. What exactly happens when you give an orphan a family? Let’s talk about that.   When you give an orphan a family You also give him hope. You give him the ability to thrive. You give him the ability to take life on and create … Read More

Store sale

Hey there,  we hope you are all doing well and enjoying the start of the christmas season. We are freezing our tails off here!  No one told us that Texas got this cold! It’s looking like we need to go out and get some jackets.   Goodness! We wanted to give a shout out to Kristin today for designing some … Read More

The dark side of living as a missionary

Ah man, this feels good.   To sit here and write this.. YES!  I felt like this would never happen. If you have been reading you will know that our family lived in Ethiopia for 6 years, during that time we worked together with Thomas and all of the wonderful staff at Bring Love In to create the orphan care … Read More