UPDATE on Urgent Need

This need has become a PRAISE! Because of your generosity we have made up the $36,000 shortage we let you know about last week. God has used you to remind us that we are never out of His sight and without His provision. God has called us to care for … Read More

Update on the urgent need

On Monday we shared with you an urgent need that we have for the ministry in Ethiopia.   I have to be honest that for us to be at that place where we absolutely must find resources quickly to take care of these kids in Ethiopia is something that brings … Read More

An urgent need

Friends, we are coming to you from Bring Love In with a huge need today. Usually I would write more of an update and let you know about the kids, the ministry, the impact and even a little about our family and how it all ties together.  I am darn proud of what our forever families … Read More

Pray, Give and Share

I would like to take a minute and say hello and let you know why I am here. My name is Luther Ramsey and I am the new Donor Relations Manager for Bring Love In. Like many of you, my wife and I have been donors for several years. I … Read More

Meet Luther

Hey there,  (I almost said “ya’ll” Clearly Texas is getting to us..) It wasn’t that long ago that we posted on here about the need we have for a new donor relations manager for Bring Love In.   We realized that the one thing that we are not very good at … Read More

Know someone good?

One of the things that we have known for a long time, and struggled to do anything about is the fact that we simply must hire a US based employee who will be our donor relations manager if we are going to be sustainable with the funding that is coming in … Read More

Summer plans!

Hey there friends, We hope you are well and that you are as happy as we are that summer is here.   It seems the madness of this year that has gone by so quickly will finally have a chance to slow down and breathe.  That always feels nice. For … Read More

Why chip cards are bad for Orphans

It took me months to figure out what was going on.  At first I thought that maybe people were changing and now they just didn’t care as much about orphans any more, or perhaps it was our fault, maybe we just aren’t good at telling the story of why it matters that … Read More

Some great news for our family

Well we made it, me and our youngest two daughters landed in Ethiopia and are starting our three week journey to the place that we used to call home for so many years.   And my goodness is it weird to be back this time.   First though let me tell you … Read More

Hope in every future

I am going to admit something that I don’t think I have ever said to anybody.  And I don’t mean that in the ‘come read my fantastic blog about my secrets which are really just enticing things to get more eyeballs’ sort of way, I meant that in the ‘I … Read More