Sustaining Love and a Plan for Every Future

A phrase that we have often used to describe Bring Love In is “Sustaining Love” and when you see the organization, when you read the stories of these kids, where they came form and where they are now, when you hear the mothers and staff genuine care for the well-being and futures of these children, you see that it is … Read More

Made for More

You and I, we were made for more. This life This place These tasks This plan He crafted our lives, built our beings, instructed our paths and planned for more. He put us in this world, showed us others in need, gave us free will, and planned for more. He loved us with a fierce love, gave us everything we … Read More

Hope for Every Future

I am going to admit something that I don’t think I have ever said to anybody.  And I don’t mean that in the ‘come read my fantastic blog about my secrets which are really just enticing things to get more eyeballs’ sort of way, I mean it in the ‘I have been scared to admit this to myself for way … Read More

Meklit’s Story

(Pictured above: Meklit on the left) Our second girl who is going to college along with Enguday, is Meklit. She also wrote out her story of how she came to Bring Love In with her siblings. (Pictured above: Meklit on the right) “Hello, First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Meklit Tesfaye. I am 18 years … Read More

Enguday’s Story

(Enguday pictured on the left)  At Bring Love In, we believe that there is hope for every future. We aim to encourage and aid our children in every way possible to be able to achieve a full and successful future. We are so thrilled to announce that two of our girls are going to college! Both have been in Bring Love In for several … Read More

A note from Levi and Jessie

Hey there, it’s Levi and Jessie writing from Bring Love In. We know that you are like the rest of us and get way more emails than you can actually read. I promise to get right to the point here. Bring Love In is still chugging along like a train that always arrives on time; the kids are beautiful as ever … Read More

Bring Love In and Both Hands

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with to expand the Bring Love In community and fund the work we are doing in Ethiopia. The Both Hands Foundation helps fundraise for adopting families and non-profits who serve orphans. Bring Love In will gather a team of volunteers and Both Hands will coach them to coordinate a service project … Read More

Why we do it

Hey there,    It’s Levi here doing some thinking this morning that I wanted to share with you about why we do all of this and why it matters that Bring Love In exists.   Have you ever been inspired by the future?  Brought to one of those important places in your life where you were ready to jump out of … Read More