Far and away the most exciting part of the work that Bring Love In does; is creating new families from widows and orphans in Ethiopia. To see a child, taken from an orphanage, once abandoned, but now in a home, with a mother who loves them, it is beautiful, and good all around for everyone, the widow who does the nurturing, the child who so desperately needs love, and the community that benefits from having strong Christian families who live here and grow up to become the future leaders that help Ethiopia move forward.

It’s really simple: Each home with 6-7 children and one house mother costs $1200 a month to support, including rent, schooling, salaries for the mothers, food, electricity, routine medical needs… Everything! Each home is sponsored by one or more individuals from around the world who give all or part of that monthly budget for their forever family.

We are blessed to have 9 houses with 57 children in them! Praise God! We are currently looking for sponsors to support the partial costs of 5 of the our 9 forever families.

Click here to sponsor a Forever Family – and then watch us do a little back flip over here because we are so happy to have you along with us!  Currently we have 5 families who are fully sponsored, 3 families who need $450 per month each to cover their costs and 1 family who is unsponsored. 

After you sign up we will match you with one of our forever families who has a need, and we will send you updates on your new family twice a year so that you can hear how they are doing.


Thank you so much to everyone who has helped to make these families a reality!

Take a moment to watch a video that we put together explaining our Forever Families and how it all works. (Note that the amount it costs to sponsor a family has changed since we put this movie together several years ago, but everything else is the same.)


Levi & Jessie