Want to dance with me?

I just woke up and opened my messages and found one from Christ Church Orphan Ministry letting us know that they have committed to completely pay for the remaining need on the Intake Home!  Meaning that not only is the Intake Home now fully supported on an ongoing basis, but the startup expense grant that I have been talking about is now coming our way!   God is so incredibly good!

You know that time in 1 Samuel when David comes back into the city with the Ark of the Covenant and dances all up and down the streets, making a fool of himself but does not care who sees him?  Yeah, that is how I feel right now, like I need to make a fool of myself because of the greatness of this God we serve.

Want to dance with me?


3 thoughts on “Want to dance with me?

  1. Praise, praise, praise, His name. I will dance with you like a fool. I have been praying; I knew He would do it. He is so good. Not sure why it is so much easier for me to believe that He will take care of you guys needs and the needs of the kids while my faith is not so strong in regard to our needs, but I guess its a work in progress. Yay yay yay yay!!!!!!

  2. Levi, this is so cool because yesterday morning I danced like a fool before God and all I could think was,
    “I will dance, I will sing
    To be mad for my King.
    Nothing Lord, is hindering
    The passion in my soul.
    And I’ll become even more undigni-fied than this.
    (Some would say it’s foolish-ness but)
    I’ll become even more undigni-fied than this.”
    So yes! I will dance like a fool with you, because God has been that good to me too!!!
    So happy to hear about God’s provision!!

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