Praying for Bring Love In

One of the most important parts of our walk with God, yet one of the things I forget to do the most is to stop and pray.  To reach out to God and just lay at his feet the things that should be his and not ours to solve and worry about. We wanted to spend a moment this morning … Read More

Sometimes you just have to cry out to God!

This is hard to write.   Not like hard because its some crazy news about something going wrong, although I have had to do that before many times in my life.  This here that I have to write is hard because it hurts, hits a raw nerve, makes me squirm in my seat, and makes all to clear the need for … Read More

8 things my marriage taught me about God

I recently read that if you were to go outside at night and hold out a dime at arms length, the dime would be blocking from your view (if your eyes were powerful enough to see them) more than 10 million stars.  Although that is an incredible fact, and beyond anything my tiny brain can comprehend, this is not the kind … Read More

How is Bring Love In?

I am not quite sure why it is, but in taking a look back at our blog posts over the past year it jumped out at us that we have gotten out of the habit of writing general, all around updates for you all.   So sorry about that.  We are going to try and get better at writing more about … Read More

Good comes from many different places

A really neat trend that we have started to see more and more is small business owners who are coming along side our ministry to help support financially through partnerships and ingenious concepts to raise both funds and awareness.  We are learning that there is no end to the creativity of people out there who want to do good through the … Read More

Narrow Road Revolutionary

I was digging in my old files and found something that I wrote several years ago when Bring Love In was just starting to form.  I found it incredibly relevant to where we are at today, and inspiring to see how far we have come from just the idea bouncing around in the heads of our team here in Ethiopia … Read More

Help a child in need

I can’t even begin to put words to the incredible feeling that comes inside when you look into the eyes of a child who’s life was once a tragedy, but who now is filled with hope.   It’s like nothing else in this world, the promise that shines through a smile that was once impossible.  It is in that lightness … Read More


Ok, this is just awesomeness.   No other way to say it. This week we passed our goal of raising money for a school bus!   Anyone else want to get up and do the happy dance with me today?!   Just simply amazing. This means we get to go out and go shopping for a new bus!   We … Read More

Best of Summer

Ok so it is summer time, which in Ethiopia means that the rains are falling hard on our heads making rivers out of the roads, and the sun seems to be hiding its face from us, not that we are complaining, with the rain comes green like you have never seen, and every farmer from the top to the bottom … Read More