Meet Luther

Hey there,  (I almost said “ya’ll” Clearly Texas is getting to us..) It wasn’t that long ago that we posted on here about the need we have for a new donor relations manager for Bring Love In.   We realized that the one thing that we are not very good at … Read More

Know someone good?

One of the things that we have known for a long time, and struggled to do anything about is the fact that we simply must hire a US based employee who will be our donor relations manager if we are going to be sustainable with the funding that is coming in … Read More


I just had one of those moments today where I realized… Oh shoot, it has been forever since we wrote on the blog!    So sorry, life seems to keep going and we forget to sit down and write to catch up with you all. First off I just want … Read More

How is Bring Love In?

I am not quite sure why it is, but in taking a look back at our blog posts over the past year it jumped out at us that we have gotten out of the habit of writing general, all around updates for you all.   So sorry about that.  We are … Read More

Best of Summer

Ok so it is summer time, which in Ethiopia means that the rains are falling hard on our heads making rivers out of the roads, and the sun seems to be hiding its face from us, not that we are complaining, with the rain comes green like you have never … Read More

The effects of trauma on children

First off I need to say thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for our family this past week, the car accident was quite a shock for our family, and the surgery on my hand is still a work in progress.  The plan is to get it … Read More

Indifferent Reality

2013 has been a breathtaking season for Bring Love In over here in Ethiopia, we have seen new families build life long bonds, and old ones strengthen what was once barely a thread that held them together, it has been a time of sharpening our aim, and honing the skills … Read More