Meet Luther

Hey there,  (I almost said “ya’ll” Clearly Texas is getting to us..) It wasn’t that long ago that we posted on here about the need we have for a new donor relations manager for Bring Love In.   We realized that the one thing that we are not very good at … Read More

Did you adopt a child from Ethiopia?

This here, this post that I am about to write, this is one of my favorite things I get to do as a husband.  I get to brag on my wife. This girl the one that I married 15 years ago, the one who is beautiful and smart and gets … Read More

Orphan care, and the ugly truth

Forget all the sermons you have heard about God’s heart for the orphan, and sit with me for a moment while we talk about the ugly truth.   Orphan care is messy, its frustrating, and everyone I know who has gotten into this line of work for the good feelings and … Read More

A mother who needs your help

Beletu (far right) is a rock star mom, the kind that can make any child melt into her arms, the kind that never has to raise her voice and yet all her children know exactly what she wants, and are happy to do it for her.  I know because I … Read More

Widows + Orphans = Forever Family

  As I search for words to describe what I am feeling today, I can’t help but think of what it is like to stand up in front of a crowd at the funeral of someone you loved dearly who is gone, the right words simply do not exist, nor … Read More

The last day

Can you imagine what it would be like to put your kids in the car and drive them over to drop them off at an orphanage?   As I write this we just saw the sun go down here in Africa, Jessie and I are getting ready to celebrate the … Read More

Indifferent Reality

2013 has been a breathtaking season for Bring Love In over here in Ethiopia, we have seen new families build life long bonds, and old ones strengthen what was once barely a thread that held them together, it has been a time of sharpening our aim, and honing the skills … Read More

Great big dreams that die in the hands of chickens

Have you ever noticed God calling you to step into something that feels crazy and uncomfortable, and only after you obey and go all in, does He provide the resources to get things done? O’ man, if there was one area of my faith where I beat my head against … Read More

One Day

The following is the first in a series of day-in-the-life writings through the eyes of children from around Ethiopia, the situations are real, the settings true, the words are mine. -Levi Magadis The cold wet air blows through an open crack in the window like a howling beast.  I bite … Read More