The power of love in a hurting world

I sat down here to write something long, to pour my heart out in this big post about the big-ness of God.    I have been feeling the tightness of his grip around my life this past week, the beauty of his hold in me and I thought I could write for you about how it feels.   Yet, as I sit … Read More

Did you adopt a child from Ethiopia?

This here, this post that I am about to write, this is one of my favorite things I get to do as a husband.  I get to brag on my wife. This girl the one that I married 15 years ago, the one who is beautiful and smart and gets me like no one else does.  That girl.   (The … Read More

On well worn knees

We are still in the middle of the painful process as a family of church hunting.  Doing that lonely load up into our car each Sunday morning and heading off to a different church and dropping our kids off with a different room full of people who they have never met.    I’ve only got one thing to say about this. … Read More

Sometimes you just have to cry out to God!

This is hard to write.   Not like hard because its some crazy news about something going wrong, although I have had to do that before many times in my life.  This here that I have to write is hard because it hurts, hits a raw nerve, makes me squirm in my seat, and makes all to clear the need for … Read More

Orphan care, and the ugly truth

Forget all the sermons you have heard about God’s heart for the orphan, and sit with me for a moment while we talk about the ugly truth.   Orphan care is messy, its frustrating, and everyone I know who has gotten into this line of work for the good feelings and praise has long since left.    The rest of us, … Read More

Why we help Ethiopia

This week I am back in Ethiopia to take care of some things in both the business and at Bring Love In, its only been a month since we moved to America but there were quite a few projects that needed attention and so I get the strange experience of being back right away after moving from here. It feels … Read More

My friend Henry

I know this guy who I want to tell you about today. The problem is he sometimes reads this blog, and so in an effort to make sure he does not get too big of a head, I am going to change his name. Not that he would get a big head, in fact he is one of the kind … Read More

Passion, the raw, unfiltered, down in the mud kind

I am not sure why it is but lately my writing has been all “bloggy”..  Like I have been writing all my thoughts as a “blog post”, with a start, and a middle and and end, and a neat little point that is all wrapped up in a bow.  A while back I decided I wasn’t going to do that, Jessie and I … Read More

The incredible power of helping someone in need

I once sat in a movie theatre, but I didn’t see a movie. A girl sat next to me that was far more interesting than any movie could ever be, and I was far to involved with mustering the extraordinary effort it was taking to reach out and hold her hand. I inched closer, and pulled away again. It happened … Read More