Why we do it

Hey there,    It’s Levi here doing some thinking this morning that I wanted to share with you about why we do all of this and why it matters that Bring Love In exists.   Have you ever been inspired by the future?  Brought to one of those important places in … Read More

The power of love in a hurting world

I sat down here to write something long, to pour my heart out in this big post about the big-ness of God.    I have been feeling the tightness of his grip around my life this past week, the beauty of his hold in me and I thought I could write for … Read More

Did you adopt a child from Ethiopia?

This here, this post that I am about to write, this is one of my favorite things I get to do as a husband.  I get to brag on my wife. This girl the one that I married 15 years ago, the one who is beautiful and smart and gets … Read More

On well worn knees

We are still in the middle of the painful process as a family of church hunting.  Doing that lonely load up into our car each Sunday morning and heading off to a different church and dropping our kids off with a different room full of people who they have never met. … Read More

Sometimes you just have to cry out to God!

This is hard to write.   Not like hard because its some crazy news about something going wrong, although I have had to do that before many times in my life.  This here that I have to write is hard because it hurts, hits a raw nerve, makes me squirm in … Read More

Orphan care, and the ugly truth

Forget all the sermons you have heard about God’s heart for the orphan, and sit with me for a moment while we talk about the ugly truth.   Orphan care is messy, its frustrating, and everyone I know who has gotten into this line of work for the good feelings and … Read More

Why we help Ethiopia

This week I am back in Ethiopia to take care of some things in both the business and at Bring Love In, its only been a month since we moved to America but there were quite a few projects that needed attention and so I get the strange experience of … Read More

My friend Henry

I know this guy who I want to tell you about today. The problem is he sometimes reads this blog, and so in an effort to make sure he does not get too big of a head, I am going to change his name. Not that he would get a … Read More

Passion, the raw, unfiltered, down in the mud kind

I am not sure why it is but lately my writing has been all “bloggy”..  Like I have been writing all my thoughts as a “blog post”, with a start, and a middle and and end, and a neat little point that is all wrapped up in a bow.  A while back I … Read More