Good to be home

I am not sure how we forget it every time, but that trip back home from America to Ethiopia hits our family like a train wreck. I am not joking either, we all get grouchy, and can’t sleep, everyone seems to get sick, and for about four days everything no … Read More

Powerful words from an adopted child

UPDATE: Praise God we have seen just over $1850 come in so far towards this amazing goal!  Read more here… UPDATE #2: Just looked again this morning and the total just passed $2700!!! UPDATE #4: Almost there!  The total raised so far is $3400!! My name is Behailu “BJ” Bushnell. … Read More

Give a kid some shoes

Thanks so much for all of the great ideas on our shoe sourcing problem for the kids in our program here in Ethiopia, we received more than 50 messages from people who are willing to help out with stuffing their luggage full of shoes, we are still sorting through all … Read More

Happy (not belated) Easter

You might already know this, but it was a surprise to me.  Holidays all around the world are not necessarily on the same calendar, for that matter many countries are not on the same calendar or clock as America’s either, as I sit here and write this in Ethiopia it is the … Read More

Ready to mess up your life?

I don’t have any way to keep track, but if I had to guess I would say that a nearly half of the messages we receive are from people who want to come and see the work that is happening here, and our response has always been the same… “Soon … Read More

A hundred things from Ethiopia

Ok, I know, it has been a while. We try to write on here every few days, but oh man has this past week been busy! Who knew that 45 kids was going to be a lot of work right?? Yeah, I guess we should have seen it coming. Anyhow, … Read More

Goodbyes, a new housemate, and a whole bunch of code

Since we moved to Ethiopia nearly four years ago we have not been back to America for as long as we have been here this time (almost 4 months!), and I have to say we have never been more ready to get back home. If there ever was any doubt … Read More

More about creating families

Many of you have heard us share the story, or watched the video of how we are creating families in Ethiopia, it is something that Jessie and I are passionate about so you don’t have to go far into anything either of us say or have written before we start … Read More

Brokenness Aside Stop your day with me here for a moment, close your eyes and listen to this incredible song. As we prepare this weekend for the 20 children who will be coming into our new forever families over here, I am finding that this song perfectly fits the moment. God … Read More

Yesterday, today and forever

A few days ago, on that wonderful day when we were certain that our final approval was going to happen, I was driving through town on the way back to the office from the store and my phone rang.   I pulled the car over to the side of the … Read More