We think it is great when people want to come and visit!  In fact we hope that each one of you get a chance to one day come and see first hand the work that is happening.

Here is how it works…

We offer visitors a one hour tour of our intake center and office. This is the place that acts as the general hub for all that goes on with Bring Love In! You will get a chance to meet our staff, and at times there will be kids there working with teachers, or visiting our in house nurse.  However, we do not allow people to visit the forever families directly.

“What?!” you say?

Yep, that’s our policy. We are, and always have been all about the kids, and want to give them the very best home possible.  I think the best way to look at it is this: Would you want a team of people coming through your house to see how you live?  Doubtful.

And so we set up this policy right from the start.

We are all about family, and we want to support and protect our families in every way possible.  Our responsibility is first to the kids, and we take that very seriously. We come into this ready to fight for these kids (if that is what it takes to protect them!). We hope that you will join us in this fight to give them the home, and family that they deserve.

We encourage you to come visit us at the Intake Center, and get a chance to see how things are run on the ground, and get a chance to meet our staff! 🙂

If you are interested in taking the Bring Love In tour give us a call and we will schedule a time for you to come and visit.  Just drop us a line at allie@bringlove.in

Thank you!


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