You might ask: Why another orphan care project in Ethiopia?

Our family lived in Ethiopia for six years starting 2009. During that time, we met countless orphaned children on the streets, children we wanted to help. However, when we’d try to do something, we’d always run into the same problem: Even though these children wanted a home, they could not be placed. They could not, because every single one of the orphanages, adoption agencies, or other care centers, are already full. There are simply not enough places to house all of the children who have been left.

In Africa, nearly 12% of the children have lost at least one parent, and Ethiopia has one of the highest orphan rates of any African country. To make things worse, the orphan population in Ethiopia is growing exponentially as HIV and malnutrition run rampant among the population. The infrastructure simply does not exist to care for the children who are left alone when their parents die.

We know that it’s always staggering to hear these numbers – overwhelming really. But when you come right down to it, it’s not about numbers. It’s about each and every one of these children individually, each one who has been forced to grow up on the streets – each one a child, a person, God’s creation, no matter where he or she was born.

Ours is a mission to build more capacity to care for orphaned and abandoned in Ethiopia, and to give them a bright future by raising them in small Christian family groups, giving each child under our care access to the best education possible and doing our best to build a future not only for each child individually but also the community around them.  We do this so that these children can be raised up as leaders in their country, leaders who will think differently, leaders who will change the cycle that got them in this situation in the first place.

Ethiopian orphan care is in desperate need of a big solution. Big solutions start with big visions. Here is ours.

Widows and Orphans (Meeting Both Needs)
We work with local churches to find widows and mothers who’ve been left to lead their households on their own. In a country like Ethiopia, where resources are scarce, these women often find themselves on the streets, with no way to provide for their families.

We will train and provide for these women, so they can support their own families and, in turn, open their homes to children who’ve been left as orphans.

We will provide a first class private education to each of the children living in the Bring Love In homes.

We will have a team of nurses and social workers on our staff who will visit each home on a regular basis, ensuring the level of care – both emotional and physical – remains high.

Our focus is on building future leaders, residing within their home countries – leaders who will bring vision and direction to their communities.

Although we are believers in adoption, personally having adopted two children ourselves, we have seen, from living in Ethiopia for the past two years, that adoption only solves a minuscule part of a huge problem. More needs to be done to address the greater issues, and we know that our family is called to do just that. Therefore, this orphanage will focus on keeping the orphans in country and giving them the best possible foundation, both spiritually and emotionally, to go out in their country and contribute to its future success.

Bring Love In is…

A community of people across the world who are working together to bring love in to the orphans and widows of Ethiopia.

Responding to the biblical call that each of us are made for more.

Will you rise up and be a part of this community? You are wanted here.


Levi & Jessie