The backbone and structure of any project lies in the accountability, without it all else would crumble. That is why we are so very thankful to be shored up back home in America by a wonderful, creative, experienced and most of all supportive board of directors, people who care deeply about orphan care, and are willing to give whatever it takes to ensure that what is being built with this project lasts.  These are good people who we have known for decades and have come to respect and love, they are strong, God fearing leaders who have more than once stayed up late to listen to us cry on the phone about the struggles and always seem to know just what to say to help us get back up the next day and do it all again.

The board of directors for Bring Love In is made up three married couples, both husband and wife each hold a separate seat on the board. To be honest this is one of my favorite things about the way the project it structured, having both husband and wife gives a more balanced view of each situation, and better insight on how to handle things.

Jessie and I are each board members and here is a bit more info about the other two couples who are on the board as well.

We are Steve and Stephanie Gregor.  We have 4 wonderful kids whom simultaneously make us proud and keep us on our toes at all times. Our kids are Andrew 13, Addy 11, Ryan 8 and Lulu 5. We are the Lead Pastors of Family Mission Center in Roseville, Ca.  We met and Married 15 years ago while serving as full time missionaries in Youth With A Mission. We have always carried a heart for the nations and particularly concerned for orphan care. We have known the Benkerts for over 15 years and are honored to serve alongside them in this project to provide sustainable orphan care in Ethiopia.


Mitch and Lanise Santala are parents to four beautiful children and have a heart for orphans and reaching the lost, (especially children!).  They live in Redding, CA where Mitch runs a successful business.  Mitch and Lanise also served with Youth With A Mission as missionaries for several years running a large children’s ministry and later served as Youth Pastors for a church in their home town.  They are excited to serve on the Board of Directors for Bring Love In and are passionate about seeing better orphan care solutions created through this ministry.  Lanise is writing a book about child care and the power of message and praying for your children.