We are Levi and Jessie Benkert, and even though it still sounds crazy to us every time we say it, we lived in Ethiopia with our four children for six years during that time we worked with the Thomas and the local staff to create Bring Love In. In 2015 we moved to Austin, Texas where we work part time as directors, fundraisers and cheerleaders for Bring Love In and all that the incredible staff are taking on over in Ethiopia.   Levi travels back several times a year to catch up with everyone on the ground.

Together, we are doing our best to share the love that God has shown us with others. As a family, we have devoted our lives to finding better ways to give orphans the love and care they deserve. It’s not always easy – and, at times, just plain frustrating, but we are passionate about the call we feel God has placed on our lives. We strive to do what we can with what we’ve been given.

Levi is a founding partner of a company that helps create jobs in Ethiopia, you can read more about that work here.

Levi and Jessie Benkert

And if you want to get a hold of us, we would love to hear from you. Just drop us an Email.

Levi@bringlove.in  or Jessie@bringlove.in