Bring Love In is a community (not just an organization) that exists to show the love of God by giving families to children who have none.  We are based out of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where we couple orphans who are given to us by local authorities, and widows from within local Christian church communities, to create new forever families here in Ethiopia.

The “we” that we speak of us not just a group of us over here in Ethiopia, but rather you as well!  This work is the collaboration of people around the world who believe in using the resources they have been given to help those in need.

We believe in the Bible, and its life giving words, and strive always to share the truth of our redeeming savior and what he did for us with others.

We believe that all of us are sinners, and yet we are accepted by God because of his grace, and redemptive act of dying for our sins. We choose to share His love because of His love for us, not because we think it makes us better people (because it does not), or gets us into heaven (only his grace does that!).

This blog is the journey, an as-it-happens account of life here in Ethiopia and the struggle (and rare victories) of our little slice of bringing love to those in need.  We are not special, just ordinary people, trying to share the love He has shown to us with others. We might make mistakes, mess things up, and have to retrace our steps to find our way, but always we will stay committed to being real, honest and open – no matter the cost. Most of all, we write here because we want you to join us and become part of this community too.

You are wanted here.

Levi & Jessie