Bring Love In

A community of people across the world who are working together to bring love in to the orphans and widows of Ethiopia.

Bring Love In works with local churches to find widows and mothers who’ve been left to lead their households on their own, we then place them in a home with orphans who we rescue from local orphanages and together they create a new family. A forever family.

Our mission is to create future leaders – leaders who will bring vision and direction to their communities.

Bring Love In has created 9 homes for 57 former orphans, and also sponsors 150 families in our local community to keep them together as a family where they belong.

Will you rise up and be a part of this community? You are wanted here.

Where Your Giving Goes

Monthly Donations

Our total cost to operate the ministry is $33,000 a month, currently we have $27,851 in monthly donation commitments coming in, we are excited to close that gap and get to a more sustainable place financially. Please consider making a monthly commitment to reach this goal!

Monthly Commited Donations - 84%


About Bring Love In…